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Explore the flavors of Thailand, Dominican Republic, Jamaica & more. We’ve packed the best spices and sauces from around the world into a carefully crafted and simple menu. Pick a style, add some protein and choose your flavor to embark on a culinary adventure.

At Tac N Roll, a rotating selection of tacos and rolls are made-to-order daily. Our food is always fresh, and our quick service won’t keep you waiting long. We also offer a selection of seasonal soups, specialty treats and aromatic coffees & teas.

Head chef MK Wong has over 10 years of restaurant experience in NYC as owner, manager and creative force. His passion for traveling and a longing for the exotic flavors of international street food led to the development of Tac N Roll, bringing together the diverse cultures of the world to the city he calls home.

We pride ourselves on serving only the best quality produce with a focus on freshness and sustainability. All of our ingredients are locally sourced to support our community and to reduce fuel & emissions waste. Most importantly, we are committed to providing our customers with healthy, fresh and delicious food, with each and every bite.